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Perth History

Perth Ontario is a modern community with old world charm. Centrally located on the Trans Canada Highway #7, and nestled in a parkland setting along the Tay River. Perth’s Business landscape reflects a healthy diversity.

The town was established as a military settlement in 1816, shortly after the War of 1812. Many of the first settlers were military veterans on half pay, while others were military veterans from France, Germany, Poland, Italy,Scotland or Ireland who were offered land in return for their service. The Rev. William Bell, who arrived in June 1817, noted in his diaries that the settlement was more European than the Scottish settlement described to him. A wave of Scottish and Irish immigrants quickly followed. Many of the Scottish immigrants were stonemasons; their work can be seen in many area buildings and in the locks of the Rideau Canal.

Source: Wikipedia – Perth, Ontario

“Perth is the prettiest Town in Ontario” ~ TV Ontario

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