AED Logo ImagePerth’s modern business park is pleased to announce that The Factory is now equipped with an Automated External Defibrillator, AED for short! The AED is located inside entrance “A”, just outside of Service Canada. Along with the purchase of the AED there was an opportunity to have a number of people trained for both the AED and emergency first aid. A number of our tenants were kind enough to volunteer for this training and have since completed it. We sincerely thank those who participated!

Our hope is that we will never need to use the AED however should the occasion arise we feel confident that there will be trained personnel to assist possibly making the outcome of a bad situation a little better!

Below please find a bit of information that we discovered about AED’s when considering installing one:

  • An AED is a small, portable device that assesses the heart of a person in cardiac arrest for a “shockable” rhythm. If such a rhythm is detected, a button is pressed to deliver a shock or series of shocks to the victim’s heart, allowing it -to return to a normal rhythm.
  • Having an AED onsite can vastly improve a victim’s chance of survival. With an AED, the chance of survival from cardiac arrest can increase by 75 per cent or more over CPR on its own. Defibrillation is more successful if performed within five minutes of cardiac arrest and the chances of survival decreases up to 10 per cent for every minute that passes after the arrest.
  • Any location that has 1000 adults over the age of 35 present per day during the normal business hours (7.5 hours/day, 5 days per week, 250 days per year) can expect one incident of sudden cardiac arrest every 5 years.