About The Factory

The Factory began its life as a shoe manufacturing plant, thereby continuing a long tradition of shoemaking excellence in the town of Perth. Constructed for the Brown Shoe Company (Canada) it was considered the most modern facility of it’s kind when it opened it’s doors in November 1960.

For over forty years the Factory provided employment to hundreds of local people who produced countless numbers of shoes (most notably well known Buster Brown children’s shoes) which were sold at home and abroad.

During this time the Brown Shoe Company developed strong ties to the community through its commitment to corporate and social responsibility. So it was with great sadness that The Factory closed its doors in 2003 and while efforts were made to revive shoe manufacturing at this location, it was not to be.

In 2005 Leo Adams Investments Inc. (LAI) purchased the property to accommodate its growing businesses. It was at this time that LAI’s vision of a corporate-commercial centre for the town of Perth was born and the rejuvenation of the Factory began.

After several months of extensive renovations with all services completely new, this landmark building is open for business.

Once again The Factory is the most modern facility of it’s kind.   The efforts and accomplishments of the company were recognized by the Perth & District Chamber of Commerce. The Factory, by Leo Adams Investments Inc was the recipient of the 2011 Business Achievement award.  Read about it here…

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The facility is now approximately 90% occupied – however several key locations remain

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